now in Malay

Seems like blogging are fast growing now in Malaysia. Therefore hundreds of blogger rise per month.

For Malaysian blogger we have a good news from It was announce today from their blogger buzz updates. Following is what their say,

The latest from Blogger Buzz

Updates and Fixes for July 18th

July 18, 2008permalink
Here’s a quick summary of recent fixes and changes we’ve made to Blogger:
  • Blogger is now available in Malay! Blogger has a large base of users in Malaysia and we are excited to now bring them Blogger in their native language.
  • Comment moderation can now be automatically enabled after a fixed number of days.
  • Spam interstitials now let readers click through to blogs.
  • Blog feeds optionally include your email address.
— Siobhan

Thanks to Google, now Malaysian blogger are recognize by giant internet company.
Ok happy blogging don't forget to link love to me.


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