Trekker 2.2L LMG’s Hydroxene technology

LMG’s Hydroxene technology installed on LMG Trekker

At the end of year 2008, some car manufactures was successfully in production and some are facing downstream in terms of both production and profit.

Recently when i shopping for YES (Yer End Sales) at Karamunsing Kota Kinabalu Sabah, i manage to 'inspect' this new car tend to be Malaysian car (according to sweet girl) called LMG.

What the catchy of this vehicle was, the engine was modify to combine with water and it called Hydroxene. Prior to this i was approach one of my friends which installed so called Biofuel in his Perodua MyVi. He told me that it can installed for just RM200.

Back to Hydroxene technology.

According to what they describe, below is what i get from pamphlet.

The Hydroxene OxyHydro Generator use a small amount of current from the vehicle to allow the process of electrolysis to work in the generator. The electrical currant will pass through the Hydroxene's patented electrolytic cells to allow for the breaking of the water molecules into Oxygen and Hydrogen gas. The gases are then used by injecting it into the engine. The hydroxene generator is controlled and maintained by a Hydroxene Hydrogen Management Unit which will control the oxyhydrogen production and air/fuel and hydrogen fuel mixtures to obtain the highest efficiency in burning of the fuel within the engine. Together with the Hydroxene Hydrogen Management unit the car uses 60% fuel and 40% oxyhydrogen.

Hydrogen gas has a greater flame speed than that of any fuel and improves flame propagation inside the cylinder. With hydrogen enhancement, engines run cooler, cleaner, and extract more useful energy. OxyHydrogen gas is a near/perfect energy carrier and burns so efficiently that when combined with oxygen the flame is almost invisible to the naked eye (pale blue flame). It has the highest combustion energy release per unit of weigh of any other common occurring material and is used in rocket fuel because of this property.

Hydroxene is the first step towards the future and our company believes strongly that oxyhydrogen gas is one of the fuels of the future. As further research and development is done, cars that will run on water alone is in the very near future.

Operating Requirements

Operation of the Hydroxene System requires 1 litre of distilled water for 1000km of travel. The hydroxene unit has a large, 2.5 litre water tank capacity. The unit is designed and manufactured to SAE J1455 standards for: extreme temperature shock, pressure, humidity, vibration, salt, fog, sand and dust.

So how it looks like?

Hydroxene Technology
Inside Trekker Dashboard

So do you start to fall in love? Think about fuel saving?

This Car was distribute by Kumpulan Ekarani Sdn Bhd located at Dongongon Penampang Sabah.

According to their brochure the price start from RM 57,900.60 including insurance.


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Anonymous said...

lmg underpower dude... some more its actually a chinese car dadi

exinco said...

this is new to market in malaysia. might be was implemented long time ago in west country

New Trendy said...

what do you understand by 'underpower' i can give an simple example. Vehicle A with 3.0 cc engine can reach 100KM distance within an hour, Vehicle B with 1.0 engine also can reach that distance by an hour. so depend on you what the power mean to you.

Anonymous said...

my dad use this car......he buy it around 6 month ago....but the fuel consumtion still not dad not used it roughly....i think the function of hydrogen system is useless.....

Anonymous said...

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Tanakwagu said...

@Anonymous really? oh your dad must be dissapointed

Anonymous said...

Hi I do not agree with all of you!

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