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ORANG SABAH means Sabahans. Sabah is one of the state of Malaysia. It is simply a beautiful island. Everyone can come and visit Sabah for tourism spot. Truly amazing lovely state of Malaysia. Let us clarify this. We are just doing it for fun. Since we saw many parodies around the world. We also wanna do one parody for Sabah. No other intention. We wish every Malaysian fellows HAPPY MERDEKA. Oppa Gangnam Style is getting famous everywhere. The energetic youths came with an idea of doing "Orang Sabah Style". Hope all the Malaysians will love it and also share with your fellows. Please do not dislike or hate the efforts of the youth. We are just doing our best to fulfill the dream of the youth, because we used to be young too. We understand their desire. :) https://www.facebook.com/jacksstuffproduction http://www.jacksstuffproduction.blogspot.com

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Orang Sabah Style ‘Oppa Gangnam’ parody puts Sabah in the limelight KOTA KINABALU: The Orang Sabah Style ‘Oppa Gangnam’ parody fever has taken YouTube by storm, hitting some 1.4 million viewers yesterday in just two weeks. The latest craze has also attracted the attention of Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Peter Pang, who specially flew in from Sandakan to catch up with the group members during a courtesy call at his Ministry’s office here on Tuesday. During the meeting, Peter encouraged the band to promote Sabah through their songs and offered the Ministry’s help if the group needed it for their future plans. “I am very happy that all of you have put Sabah on the map through the parody and hope you will all keep away from doing controversial and negative songs that could tarnish our image,” stated Peter. The group has no leader and all of us discuss and make decisions collectively, said Geoseph Liong, who wrote the Hakka lyrics of the single made famous by Korean K-pop star PSY who released the song on July 15, this year. “It took me about one hour to pen the lyrics and it took us two days to do the shooting. And we took eight hours to edit the video,” said Geoseph, who is an event organiser. “We did this video out of fun and we were shocked to get so many viewers and followers, something totally beyond our expectations,” he said. There were about 30 extra cast members involved in the shooting process and all of them are our friends, he said. So, at the end of the day, we treated them to meals and drinks to appreciate their help and support, he said. The video clip featured the various tourism attraction spots in and around Kota Kinabalu, he said. “We are lucky to get into the trend to promote Sabah and we received overwhelming support from the people from all walks of life who commented that they are proud to be a Sabahan,” stated Geoseph. Videographer, Jack Wong, said, the lyrics of the song are related to Sabahans’ everyday lifestyle and it featured some negative elements which they hope to take it out from the clip. “The production of the video didn’t cost us a single sen as all the people we engaged are our friends,” he said. The other key members in the group are lead singer Chai Nyit Sheng and Sunny Chai, both siblings. The meeting was also attended by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Datuk Suzannah Liaw, Sabah Youth Council president, Kevin Lim and its deputy, Nourman Rayn and the Minister’s press officer, Jacky Wong. By : By PAUL MU New Sabah Times


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