My Last Breath (Evanescence Cover)

Today i want to share about his video and make some comment about it. This video consist of two beautiful chick. They try to perform a song by Evanescence Cover album. The title of the song was My Last Breath. If you not yet heard about this song yet, better you listen it now because the actress on this video is very talented.

I can't believe that without any special equipment they performed this song very well. Just a wooden guitar and combination of two voices. I think they well prepared before doing this recording.

If i were a judge on American Idol, i will praise this two girl and give a thumbs up. The singer seem like very careful and careful in every words she spoke, personally i like her voice tone. I think it was unique. Also support from the another girl as a second voice. The combination is just nice.

This video upload by Rockstar122083 and at this point was views 42,793 times and has 769 comments, with 577 ratings.

Enjoy the song :)


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Admin said...

dei..nice..dun noty2 lo....

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